KissMe Kennels Miniature Australian Shepherds

Born August 4, 2010





8 weeks old

Rachel - Black Tri Female - Adopted by Linda

Smokey - Black Tri Male - Adopted by Tom & Kate

Candy - Blue Female - Adopted by Kylie

Maggie (Lacey) - Blue Female - Adopted by Jane

Crystal - Blue Merle Female - Adopted by Farrah

Molly (Puff) - Blue Merle Female - Adopted by Beverly

Sizzle (Boing!) - Black Tri Female - KEEPER!

Puppies are 6 weeks old!
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Now we are five... weeks that is! We are sharing the indoor/outdoor kennel with the Max-x-Cindi litter, so be sure to check there for more pics. Our Mom's spend the days with the big dogs, and sleep with us at night. We spend the day alternately sleeping and playing hard, running in and out the doggie door, chasing leaves, wrestling, chewing bones, finding treats hidden around the yard, etc. We are starting to learn to potty outside!

All candids this week - scroll down to week 4 for links to individual puppy pages.

Week 5 Candids!


Following photos courtesy of Sam Roach!

Now four weeks old. These puppies are all going out the doggie door to play in the yard. They love to run and wrestle, and they are getting more coordinated by the day. They eat kibble and drink water in addition to nursing.

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Scroll down for some week 4 candids!

Rachel - Black Tri Female -

Smokey - Black Tri Male -

Candy - Blue Female -

Lacey - Blue Female -

Crystal - Blue Merle Female -

Puff - Blue Merle Female -

Boing! - Black Tri Female



Everyone in this litter except Puff runs in and out the doggie door now. She will soon follow.

Lacey & Boing! with Mom's large knuckle bone!

Boing Boing holding still for once :-)

Puff loves the food bowl!

Rachel looking silly...

More coming soon!




Seven females, one male (a black tri), one blue merle, two steels (dilutes), one merle steel (dilute merle), four black tris.

Maternity Ward - LOL