KissMe Kennels Miniature Australian Shepherds

Born on January 12, 2007.
Three adorable boys...


7 weeks old... Finally, Spring has arrived! The puppies are hanging out in the yard and house, having a great time running and wrestling, sleeping and snuggling, and playing with the big dogs. Oh yes, and eating!!

Taking it easy in the house with their friend the Lamb.

Mom joins in when treats are forthcoming.

Butternut taking a little rest.

Ok, back to wrestling Mini Mel to the ground and standing guard over him.

Mini Mel rests up so he can...

take his turn pinning Butternut to the ground!

The handsome Mr. Snickers.

And the beautiful Butternut.

Let's play "Hop on Pop!"

Mom says, "these boys are so silly!"

6 weeks old... We are taking every opportunity - inbetween rainstorms - to go play in the grass!

Snickers is sneaking up on Butternut -
getting ready to pounce!

Hey, someone needs to mow over here.

Snickers is a very handsome lad .

Butternut gets pounced on again -
this time by Mini Mel .

It was not easy getting Mini Mel to pose for this. I walked back and forth until he got tired of following me and just sat down and looked at me like I was nuts :)

We're getting a little big for this now, don't you think?

5 weeks old... Sorry I missed week 4 - got the flu and then was in catch-up mode! These adorable boys are inside and outside now - exploring their new world. This is my favorite age!!

Learning to use the doggie door... with a bit of encouragement.

Meeting one of the babysitters - we call this little boy "Mini Mel" because he looks so much like his Dad!

Wrestling over the toy goat...

And the winner is...

Everybody gets a turn eventually - we call this darling boy "Snickers".

Here is Snickers with his roly-poly friend "Butternut" - Snickers is looking at the horses while Butternut checks out the grass.

After a busy morning it is snack time...

3 weeks old... Black boy is the first to growl and bark. He is very aware of what is going on in the room around him. Red boy is the smallest of the three and is already trying to play. Red merle boy is the biggest and the most relaxed! As of yet, none of them has attempted to climb out of their whelping pool - won't be long though!!

2 weeks old... Red boy is the first to open his eyes. Black boy looks up at me when I whistle, even though his eyes are closed. Red merle boy spends a lot of time rooting around looking for food! They are still in my living room and Mom feels secure enough to leave them and go outside for an hour or so.

1 week old...

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