KissMe Kennels Miniature Australian Shepherds

KissMe Like A Moos

RIP Moose

All of your friends will miss you!

Especially, I think, your buddy Joy...

"See you at the rainbow bridge!"
Say (front to back) Joy, Zoe, & Crystal...


Getting on in years - almost 12 - with sister Joy

Handsome Boy!

Snow in West Virginia

Moose working to keep up with sister Zoe and new little sister Crystal!

Moose and his new best bud Zoe

Moose at 2 years old with his new family - isn't he just beautiful!

As a baby, I was the littlest of the bunch. They call me "Spot" because I have a white spot on the back of my neck. My right eye is marbled and my left eye is brown. I have found my new home with Farrah and Callie. Farrah is studying to be a vet, so I know she will take really good care of me!

12 weeks old...

8 weeks old...

baby pictures...


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