KissMe Kennels Miniature Australian Shepherds

Born on May 14, 2006.
Happy Mother's Day!!


Seven weeks old...






RIP Bailie 8/26/2020




Joe has one blue eye and a full white collar.
He is a soft, snuggly, love bunny.
(Joe lives with Jennifer in Napa, CA)


Bella is the smallest puppy and is just a pistol.
High energy puppy with two blue eyes - adorable!
(Bella has won the heart of Morgen in Kelsey, CA)


Favorite activity at 7 weeks ... puppy wrestling!

Four weeks old...

Learning to eat real food.

The Standoff.

More eating.

I wonder where this goes...

Maybe next week I'll be brave enough.

Mom helps clean up leftovers.

What is it about shoelaces?

Come on, let's wrestle!

I'm getting sleepy.

I'm still hungry!

Another attack on the shoelaces!

Where did all the food go?

Just about nap time.

One big happy family!

Two weeks old...

Blue Merle Female #1

Blue Merle Female #2

Blue Merle Female #3

Red Tri Female

Red Merle Female #1

Red Merle Female #2

Black Tri Female

Black Tri Male


Day One!

How did I do??

Fantastic first-time Mom!

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