KissMe Kennels Miniature American Shepherds

About Picking Up Your Puppy...

I no longer ship puppies. I never had a bad experience, but a new law requires that I become USDA licensed as a commercial breeder if I ship puppies. Since I am far from being a commercial breeder (they typically have hundreds of dogs!), I don't want to jump through all those legal hoops. Besides, I very much prefer to meet you in person.

If you live too far away from KissMe Kennels to drive here, you have a couple of options.

If you are somewhat close, you could fly to Sacramento and then rent a car one-way to come pick up your puppy and drive home.

If even a one-way drive is too long, many airlines will let you carry-on a puppy. Check with your airline and get one of these Sherpa Bags or one of many other brands of carry-on bags for small animals. If you are planning to do this let me know and I will acclimate your puppy to the bag for easier traveling (I have a bag I use for this purpose).

Some airlines will let you check an animal with your bags (the animal travels in a presurized and temperature-controlled cabin in a hard-sided airline approved crate. If you wish to do this I will help you prepare for the puppy to travel this way.

Sacramento (SMF) is the nearest large airport (90 miles from me), so you will need to rent a car if you fly here.