KissMe Kennels Miniature Australian Shepherds

Black Tri Female

Sidney has gone to her new home with George & Suzanne in Danville, CA.

Here she is with her new friend, Colette.

baby pictures...

This is a playful girl, not afraid at all. At about 4 weeks old she would already run up to the adult males and attack their legs. Thank goodness a puppy can do no wrong - the big dogs just look very surprised! She loves to snuggle and will burrow into your neck when you hold her. At seven weeks she is still playful and confident and a little scamp! She is getting a few freckles on her nose which just fits her personality perfectly. Her baby name was Porsche and that really says it all, she is quite the sporty model.

eight weeks old

seven weeks old

four weeks old

two weeks old

one week old

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